The retail market space leasing player Walmart have been coming up with its new ideas and innovative services so far explaining their varied bandwidth of customers. Recently, Walmart applied for another patent which is the implementation of the blockchain technology in the exiting ways. The global leader extended one step of innovation with their advancement after including the popular emerging technology which basically describes the management of all smart appliances using blockchain technology. The news was reported by the application that was published on 2nd August by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The application talks about the methods and the systems for management of the smart appliances like a desktop or a computer server, a kiosk, a portable computing device, tabletops or other varied devices including wearable or gaming specialized devices, laptops, or mini media players.

As far as the practical aspect and perceptive is concerned it will enable the user to employ a device irrespective of its wearability which is important to maintain the private key generally used to authorize any transaction. One use case for the aforementioned was the kiosk that was used for receiving packages from delivery drones:

“…a user is able to obtain a kiosk and add the obtained kiosk to the distributed information ledger with the help of their smart device as an authorization granting key for the kiosk. In a similar example, the user device can act as a wearable device that maintains the private key used for authorizing the transactions. The kiosk already syncs with the user’s device and can immediately be used as a home delivery station and can be added as a new device in the distributed ledger management.”

The new management and organizational environment will reportedly allow all users to design their access levels and control their kiosks on their own terms including the extension of the feature of accepting or declining any package or creating and ordering any item.

In efforts of managing more smart appliances at once the blockchain technology server network must be extended to the IoT i.e. to the Internet of things ecosystem. “A resource or subject of the IoT ecosystem can play more than one roles whole is associated with a single role in the context of a particular parallel transaction providing exclusivity for higher efficiency.” the newly registered patent reads.

The patent also includes a proposal of building up a new smart home environment where the aforementioned appliance management system may be used and adapt a lot of devices such as home, media, healthcare, manufacturing, energy and many others.

Walmart being popular for its active duty and actions towards the addition of blockchain technology has already implemented various retail enhancing systems and usage, some of them are secure and safeguarded delivery management systems.

Some of the other fillings of Walmart included a ”Smart Package” system to track package contents and relative environmental conditions, the location and other precise details. Along with an electrical grid that will be powered by Bitcoin or other digital currencies. Walmart has also actively anticipated other methods of blockchain implementation for their supply chains in the food and beverage sector, customer marketplaces, and energy consumption management system.