South Korea-based tech company Samsung is allegedly seeking a trademark in the UK for a crypto wallet, as per the company’s filing dated December 27 with the UK Intellectual Property Office.

Under the section of ‘Classes and terms” of the application, the company developments pertaining to computer software for use as a crypto wallet; computer software for crypto transfer, and payment using blockchain technology; computer application software for smartphones primarily software enabling users to move cryptocurrency based on the digital ledger technology through 3rd party application software.

The company was rumored of planning to introduce a crypto cold wallet on its latest Galaxy S10 smartphone. The company, however, refuted the rumors later. According to certain reports, the tech giant has filed 3 European Union trademark applications for digital ledger and crypto related software on December 10, 2018.

According to a report published in December 2018, giant smartphone manufacturer HTC reportedly integrated Brave, a decentralized browser, on the HTC Exodus 1 smartphone. It was said to be the first native blockchain phone powered by multiple blockchains including Ethereum and Bitcoin networks.

In December 2018, SIRIN Labs – blockchain powered electronics supplier reportedly unveiled first of its kind blockchain-powered smartphone dubbed Finney. The smartphone was powered by SIRIN OS, company’s own open-source operating system, and Android. The FINNEY smartphone was reported of offering a cold-storage crypto wallet and offer encrypted communications services to its users.

In a piece of separate news published somewhere in October 2018, a production wing of Samsung, Samsung Foundry released a new production process dedicated to its 7-nanometer (nm) Low Power Plus (7LPP) process node. The node is capable of reducing the energy consumption by a maximum to 50%. The announcement hinted at the capability of the chip to have positive implications for crypto miners deploying hardware by Samsung. The hardware is most often opted to reduce energy consumption as the cost of the utility plays a significant role in deciding the profitability of the industry.

Samsung from time to time refuted the rumors of its coming up the crypto wallet. However, this time it seems like the company sooner or later will have smartphones in the market which will be pre-equipped with the crypto wallet.

There are also talks of the latest Samsung Galaxy S which is likely to enter the market in the near future. Considering the latest speculations, it should not be a surprise for a Samsung smartphone user to discover crypto wallet in the new phone. The details were not released as what features the crypto wallet would likely to have. It seems like we will have to wait for news or even a rumor to get a glimpse of the much-talked crypto wallet. Samsung, however, has refrained to share details pertaining to the UK trademark filing and its future plans for the crypto wallet as of now. Let us hope we will get to hear from the company soon in the near future.