The international multilingual cryptocurrency exchange and trading hub “Huobi” recently sent a “friend request” to one of the Zuckerberg family members and in return, the notable member replied positively by accepting the friend request.

The green sign was waved by Randi Zuckerberg who is the elder sister of the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. It is also unveiled that Randi was serving as an advisory member in the Expert Chain Advisor Committee for the international giant, Huobi.

Randi is an author and entrepreneur and currently holds the position as CEO of Zuckerberg Media which is a New York-based content creation firm that was found by Randi itself five years ago.

Randi will be along the seven parallel advisory experts with her on the committee list for Huobi, playing a vital role as the major decision maker for deals in company’s best interest. The expert committee advises over all of the professional decisions paralleled with various support and guidance showed over the Huobi’s election activities during the company’s customized ’Superhero’ championship. The Huobi Chain Superhero Championship Program started little over two months ago where it was purported to induce more participation urge in the community for all issues pertaining to the development of company’s visionary public blockchain project.

The committee also plays major advisory roles in suggesting over important and surplus decisions in regards to the upcoming Huobi Chain to release. The committee offers a counsel in best interests of the cryptocurrency exchange and trade activities.

The advisors ensure they impart the best governance and development strategies for the blockchain-based project. Other experts on the advisory committee besides Zuckerberg include – the CEO and co-founder of Bitcoin mining giant Bitmain, Jihan Wu, and investor and Bitcoin evangelist, Jeffrey Wernick, respectively.

Randi, the educated professional from Harvard University, however, held none of the positions in Facebook as such but she has served as the front end presentation person and marketing head for the popular social media platform. With Facebook now enrolling itself in the blockchain initiative industry, it is making things easier for Zuckerberg by providing no such cases of clashes of interest among the two companies.

Facebook, the most popular social media platform has been in the news lately with its latest launch of a blockchain division this May, with the social media founder insisting on learning and experimenting more with the distributed ledger feature of the technology that can potentially help in rectifying myriad problems of the platform.

Till now, Facebook has released few details of its blockchain initiative. With very less said there’s a great room for conjectures and the platform’s recent interests among the Stellar blockchain inflated various speculations. Though, the company has refused any such interests.

The Facebook representative added, “We are not engrossed or involved in any initiatives in direction of Stellar and have no such plans of building on the technology offered by them,” discarding all given reports.