Pyongyang will serve as host to North Korea’s second international Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference the Korean Friendship Association (KFA) announced this week.

The conference will run for two days at the Pyongyang Science and Technology Complex where innovators from around the world will meet to share their visions of a decentralized future. The country plans to bring in experts from all over the globe as keynote speakers to engage with attendees over the course of an entire week.

Guests and visiting delegates will also be invited to a 7-day tour of the country. The cost is reported to be at around 3,300 euros per person. This entry fee includes their room and board, in addition to activities like shooting, skating, bowling, shopping, and a trip to the Daedonggang Beer Factory.

The conference is explicitly closed to any delegates from South Korea, Israel, and Japan. Americans are welcomed to the conference with open arms, aside from journalists of course or any other, “mass propaganda or printed/digital material that is against the dignity of the Republic.”

North Korea has long suffered at the hands of sanctions and for this reason, views cryptocurrency as a financial opportunity. It is rumored that the nation has been researching and testing possibilities for a national digital asset as a way to circumvent their unfavorable, global economic position.