Blockchain technology has been a savior for various organizations and tech institutions as its offers highly secured services, helping companies to grow their business without thinking about risks associated (hacking, data breach). The technology has now been implemented in various sectors and industries including financial, technical, advertising, educational, cloud storage and travel industries etc.

This time the highly secured technology is being used by the software giant Microsoft to curb the issue of spam calls in India.

According to a report from Hindustan Times, Microsoft has recently joined hands with a leading IT solutions provider ‘Tech Mahindra’ on an initiative to put issues related to spam calls in India to an end. The solution software is reported to build on Microsoft Azure Platform and it will be utilizing Microsoft’s cloud services too in order to provide desired solutions. While various facets have been undisclosed by the company including technical and overview maps, the new conjunction of the blockchain with cloud services can provide a precise controlling and ensure management in the ecosystem, said the National Technology Officer of Microsoft India, Prashant Shukla during a press meet.

Prashant further added that “the new blockchain based solution initiative lead by Microsoft Azure will remove all loophole spaces exploited for fraudulent activities like the spam calls. This solution will disable all spammers that are trying to target end users. The new system will also try to create a centralized platform which opens up gates to all relevant companies into the ecosystem. The ecosystem so far includes all major essential legal advisors, telemarketing teams, telecom supporters and even the end users. The system is going to use all these sources to record preferences and provide calls as requested.”

The project opens up with a great plan ahead and the preferences of the end user are going to be stored on a blockchain which is going to be distributed among the concerned network of systems, Tech Mahindra recently stated in a press meet. This shared ledger will help all companies abide by what the user exactly need and don’t need. The system also enables changes in the stored preferences by the user and with the usage of the blockchain stored and distributed system if any company or telecom partner fails to follow the norms, they might risk themselves towards a penalty of up to 500,000 Indian Rupees ($7,136 approximately) per month.

The inclined advantage comes in when the new solutions fall accurately under all norms described by the TRAI and this is going to help all network operators without developing a new entity system to use the new Azure solution.

Microsoft has always been one step ahead in utilizing the blockchain for its best interest. The company has also announced a blockchain powered digital entity management solution in the month of February and further in June, it revealed another blockchain project that focuses on managing copyrights and loyalties.