The leader of Malta’s opposition Adrian Delia has once again received a backlash for allegedly criticizing the pro-cryptocurrency stance of the government. The comments by Delia were reported by The Malta Independent, the national daily newspaper, on 6th January 2019.

The growing popularity of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in Malta has provided the island with a new identity. Today the island is more likely described as the Island of Blockchain or Blockchain Island.

However, Delia seems to be in a different state of mind as he is not really convinced by the current trajectory in spite of having signed a number of agreements embracing crypto business like Binance, a crypto exchange. Delia has based his views on the fact that the market of cryptocurrency has been stable for quite some time. The recently sluggish activity of the crypto market has in fact raised concern for investors as well.

The Malta Independent in its report highlighted Delia’s concern over the silence of the Malta government especially during the Christmas holidays taunting the government for considering Malta a Bitcoin Island.

Following his comments, Malta’s Parliamentary Secretariat for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation reverted that Valletta, the capital of Malta is working towards ensuring more peace of mind and security for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The Secretariat further said that the government is working towards setting up a mechanism to ensure that public stays informed for any potential scam within the industry.

Last year in October, the Island was counted among the top seven European Union member states for having signed a petition to promote the use of blockchain technology. The indisputable leader, Delia, however, is facing a spate of calls to resign from the office over an accusation of domestic abuse of which the leader has denied and said that he will retain the office.