IT biggie Fujitsu is introducing a new consultancy service which can deliver an industry ready product within just five days. As per reports, this service will be available at a price of €9,900, which will combine everything required for the building up of a product. Staring from the guiding basics on blockchain technology to the assessment of the proposed model and constructing it within the duration of five days. It is at this stage; the prospective clients can decide to invest in it to develop it further or to opt out of it.

Chris Pilling the lead architect of the Blockchain Innovation Centre at Fujitsu which was unveiled by the company in March remarks that they are really excited to involve the global blockchain team to work on this project together and at the same time, they give the freedom to clients to experiment with the model.

He talked about meeting the “proof of business” through this service. It refers to the process of involving clients at every stage of product development to create a business value together and avoiding the common mistakes done on blockchain projects. It is intended to bring more transparency and accuracy in building a product.

The general aim of the consultancy service is to develop new blockchain technology in a faster way possible and to review and modify projects which are already developed. After getting a positive response from the customers, Fujitsu has developed this industry ready package to improve the blockchain platform. This model is already released across the EMEIA region, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and now it is expected to leave a significant impact on utilizing blockchain technology for various business models.

Fujitsu is a leading Japanese multinational company holding approximately 50 different patents on blockchain technology. The company has released several blockchain related services over the years, for example, the data storage and data exchange services.

This comparatively rapid framework of blockchain technology claims to develop a Minimum Viable Product or MVP product in just five days. This MVP is a new age development technique whereby a new website or product is developed with the minimum required features just to attract the early users.  Later it is developed with the complete set of features after collecting feedback from the early users.

Such a development model helps to address the drawbacks of the project. It is designed keeping in mind to help those organizations who are trying to work on a new blockchain technology or want to review any existing model.

In other words, this service will be a joint undertaking of Fujitsu and its customers to create and develop new business models. This proof of business is a better idea than the proof of concept where you can build a valued product by avoiding the common mistakes on blockchain projects.

Fujitsu is a global leader when it comes to delivering world-class technology projects, services, and solutions. Currently, it is enjoying close to 140,000 loyal customers from over 100 countries. Now, with the company heading towards more appropriate technology, it is for sure the company will win more customers.