“Blockchain Island,” better known as the country of Malta, is gearing up to host an international blockchain conference. Speakers, industry thought leaders, and ministers will all be visiting the burgeoning crypto capital for Malta Blockchain Summit 2018.

Malta is the first jurisdiction in the world to integrate blockchain regulations on a national level, earning them the nickname “Blockchain Island.” Two of the largest crypto exchanges, Binance and OKEx have recently set up shop on the shores of the small Mediterranean country. With regulation comes freedom and security for exchanges, as companies aim for compliance and security as they struggle to legitimize digital asset trading and daily crypto use.

The Maltese parliament has passed three bills that have created this strong regulatory framework for blockchain, crypto, and distributed ledger technology this past July.

“I think that blockchain technology, DLT and cryptocurrency is where innovation is happening right now and we are very glad that Malta can offer the first jurisdiction in the world to regulate this sector. We are excited about what this will lead to in the future,”

Joseph Muscat, Malta’s Prime Minister, told Forbes reporter Rachel Wolfson. 

With these three bills now successfully in place, Malta hopes to become a hub for blockchain innovation and so far their regulatory strategy has been nothing but stimulating for their economy.

This huge Malta Blockchain Summit happening on the 1st and 2nd of November will prove to be the feather in the Maltese government’s cap. With almost a year of planning behind them the country will be rolling out the red carpet for big names in blockchain for a series of four conferences: a Regulatory conference; a Marketing and Investment conference; a Developer and Technology conference; and, a Tokenomics and Crypto conference.

The Maltese example of regulatory measures that help to foster decentralized technology adoption rather than stifle integration, is one other countries can now look to for inspiration.