In a recent development, the Huobi Group made an announcement about launching a brand new platform named as “Huobi Cloud”. According to the Company, this new platform will provide superior convenience to the users and will allow them to build digital asset exchanges over the already existing platform of Huobi.

Huobi shared this statement with Cointelegraph and made some interesting revelations. According to the statement, already more than ten multinational companies have joined forces with the Huobi Cloud. Huobi is aiming to establish this new product for over-the-counter (OTC) and digital assets exchanges. Those who will be using this product will simultaneously be able to use various other systems of the Huobi Global platform that includes the order integration and wallet systems, asset management and clearing system etc. The Chairman of the Huobi Group, Leon Li made it clear in his statement.

According to Mr. Leon Li, Huobi at present is striving to share its experience and expertise with the complete blockchain ecosystem. The development was on the cards since the blockchain technologies are being considered in every aspect at present. The collaboration of Huobi with the blockchain systems is undoubtedly going to be a milestone for industry developments and for achieving mutual benefits for stakeholders.

The statement also clarifies the approaches that Huobi comprises of at the present day. To be precise, Huobi has four approaches that include OTC, exchange, operational, and eco-system solutions. The role of the exchange solution is to support the exchange platform publishing, token-related services, separation of hot and cold wallet, risk-notification system, and other similar services. The role of the OTC solution is verifying the authenticity of the trading flat currencies which include the U.S. dollars, the Hong Kong dollars, the Chinese yuan, and many other leading cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Tether (USDT).

Since the cryptocurrencies have come under the spotlight, cryptocurrency exchanges have gained too much importance. In this context, it can be said, Huobi has made a remarkable progress in a short period of time. The Huobi Company stepped into the cryptocurrency exchange arena in the year 2013. At the present day, by the means of the traded volume, Huobi is the third-largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

In the short span of five years, Huobi boasts of having offices in the U.S. Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong. During the close of the previous month (June) Huobi joined forces with another company called JD Cloud.

JD cloud is the subsidiary of the JD Group, the largest online retailer in China. The primary aim of this partnership is to get more in-depth knowledge about the cloud computing and blockchain technologies. Together, they are concentrating on sectors like supply chain management, finance, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Last month, Huobi publicly announced the advent of its new blockchain, the Huobi Chain Project (HCP). In their statement, the Huobi group made it clear that the idea behind this new platform is to use it for value exchange, secularization, fundraising and for other similar services. Now, Huobi with the help of HCP is decentralizing the business operations to launch HBC or Huobi blockchain.