The DCEX which is a San Francisco oriented marketplace is all set to become the first ever digital currency exchange platform to offer both institutional and retail investors to do trading of different currencies (crypto-to-crypto) with having XRP as a base.

The innovative facet not just provides the company with first mover advantage but also extends becoming the only marketplace player to bring out the exercise of crypto-to-crypto trading in their client’s hands with XRP as their base digital currency.

The report purported in a new revelation that company’s new and nascent platform of standardized trading and exchange will be powered by AlphaPoint. Apart from the future plans, right now the company is open for registrations from new users, while the preparation works in parallel. The exchange is expected to release in the market anytime within the span of forthcoming weeks.

The company quoted their preference of XRP and its adaptability. Since XRP’s fast and easy settlement takeaways have been bringing a lot of value over multiple exchanges platforms and strategic modules, they believe their foundation for the initials is great to implement.

During the press release, the company mentioned that “Blockchain transactions with XRP are quick and settle within 4 seconds, inducing faster multi-exchange solutions and exposing the user to a great speed of transaction. This just gives an edge to XRP over all other money transfer and exchange options.”

The CEO of AlphaPoint Sahil Donde who recently associated with DCEX further confirmed that all investors and relative customer base would benefit a lot by lower transactional costs when they’ll be using XRP as the foundation currency eventually on all exchanges.

In another release, the company highlighted their use of XRP by saying “the new gateways during conversions for market anticipatory and traders are the easiest ways to dodge and practice between top cryptocurrencies.”

This particular operation of DCEX roughly enables a multi-currency platform that plans to launch 15 trading pairs that include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, EOS, Omission, DASH, VeChain, Monero, Tron, IOTA, TrueUSD, and ZCash. It is also expected that the platform will add Cardano and NEO later soon.

The platform will play dominant at AlphaPoint’s distributed ledger platform which provides “a superior secured place or the platform for carrying out transactions and processing them runs merely at the rate of one million transactions per second.” This implies that the collaboration with AlphaPoint would be very helpful to the DCEX with implemented and practiced sets of transaction carrying out technology enabling fast and unbeatable speed.

The news from the center came shortly after the confirmation was made by the company that in 2018 Swell Conference which is planned to be hosted in San Francisco in October US President Bill Clinton would speak about the company.