Communications giant AT&T is rolling out new plans to integrate blockchain solutions. Teaming up with IBM and Microsoft Azure, the plans for distributed ledger adoption are designed to help lower overall costs and improve customer experiences.

IBM is a worldwide blockchain patent leader that plans to use blockchain technology to revolutionize supply chain logistics. AT&T is looking to IBM’s Maximo Network on the blockchain and Maximo Health Insights as a framework for their web 3.0 solutions.

In addition to IBM’s distributed ledger platform, AT&T has enlisted Microsoft Azure, an open cloud platform that already supports HyperLedger, Fabric, and Ethereum protocols. Azure also acts as a developer sandbox for testing.

AT&T can create and manage this new blockchain suite using both IBM’s DLT platform and Microsoft Azure. The company’s pilot program first kickedi off in February 2018 and enthusiasm for blockchain technology at AT&T is at an all-time high. Andy Daudelin, Vice President of Alliances Business Development at AT&T Business was quoted in the press release stating:

“Blockchain is far more than just Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. It’s transforming the way many companies conduct business.”

By using blockchain and The Internet of Things (IoT), AT&T can offer customers increasingly seamless internet and phone services that benefit from added automation and more critical monitoring tactics.

AT&T’s suite of blockchain solutions is designed for use cases across vertical supply chains in sectors such as manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. AT&T’s applications in blockchain have the capabilities to track goods from factory to end-user and certify product authenticity. Data storage and management in real-time featuring record immutability is another benefit all three aforementioned industries could gain from using.

AT&T’s products are now available for use today.