Blockchain technology has already been accepted by many tech companies as the technology is much secured and trustworthy. This time, the American retail giant Walmart has decided to make use of it for its new delivery system.

According to reports, Walmart published an application on July 5 2018 that titled “Delivery Reservation Apparatus and Method”.  The application clearly suggests that Walmart is working on a delivery focused blockchain patent which we might see very soon.

The new delivery system will summarize a new way that will help in managing package reservations in regard to customers that fails to receive the delivery when not available.

Walmart officially released a statement in which the retail giant revealed the new system of delivery lockers. The company also mentioned that the new lockers will help in safeguarding all the delivered items until the person ordering the products sign them. These lockers will be located either at the transportation hub, customer’s home or at any other location.

All the lockers will be connected to each other with the help of blockchain technology. This will help to track down the lockers which are vacant and which are occupied. The new technology is a brand new “smart delivery” property play project from the company. The company till now has submitted a few similar US patent applications.

Walmart further explained – The space on the docking station has a particular capacity unit for every unit location on the docking station. The ledger will track down the transaction for the capacity units. The ledger will also reveal the available capacity units and indicate the docking station’s open locations. In addition to this, the contracted out capacity units that will indicate either the location has a secured locker or the location which is reserved for a future delivery item can be known easily.

In some essence, the blockchain reservation system will be utilized by the docking stations. Thus, each docking station can act as a node within a blockchain network.

Another report by Coindesk suggests that since the Walmart talks about the Public Ledger while making its official statement, it can be expected that the new planned system will be accessible for customers too.

The patent filing also talks about the ledger that will contain all the available record as well as the reserved capacity units for the diversity of locker docking stations.

The utilization of blockchain technology by Walmart is not the first instance where the company has decided to trust the new technology. Walmart in November 2016, partnered with IBM to make sure it detects and remove recalled foods items from its product list with the help of using blockchain technology.


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