Accenture and Thales, two leading renowned professional services providers of the tech industry have recently launched a fresh blockchain-oriented system as part of their digital innovation program. The working solution created will safeguard and reorganize the much-complicated supply chains backing the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry.

It has been developed to bring simplicity to the whole supply chain and audit system. Under the newly introduced system, there will be a single and shared view of the supply chain which will help professionals in this field, the partnering suppliers, manufacturers and operators to carry out their task more efficiently.

Based on one of the most known blockchain frameworks, the Linux supported Hyperledger Fabric, the model will accommodate three things into one i.e. internet-of-things, the blockchain, and other creative technologies provided by Thales.

The physically unclonable function (PUF) solution for silicon chips and Chronicled’s tamper-proof crypto seals are the two technologies which will be used by this solution to examine the authenticity of different parts of the airplane and its materials.

The use of blockchain technology for the benefit of the aerospace and defense can be considered as a tricky and significant development. After the introduction of blockchain technology, it has become easier to manage the supply chain system where you can track diverse components in a secure and easy way. Together it has helped to prevent fraudulent behavior and improved the overall manner the way it was operated before.

In the supply chain sector, it is a challenge to identify forgery and black-market goods, and therefore this association of Accenture and Thales using blockchain jointly with things like crypto seals and physically unclonable functions will enable you to create a database of different good quality materials which are already in supply. This kind of innovation is necessary to excel in this field.

Accenture, it is a premier professional service provider which is globally recognized for catering to the needs of a wide variety of industries comprising technology, digital, consulting, and operations. With its unparalleled customer service and creative skills, it is enjoying clientele over 40 different types of industries and business functions.

Accenture is the name synonymous with innovation to improve the way businesses are conducted today. With 449,000 clients from over 120 countries, it creates success by combining business with technology to aid their clients to deliver good performance and create a value-based service system for their collaborators.

Thales is the global leader dominating the supply chain of the Aerospace, Defense, transport, and Security segments. It has a worldwide presence of 56 countries with 62,000 employees. The company offers quality service with it more than 25,000 talented professionals when it comes to design and deploy services, systems, and equipment required for complex security systems.

According to an analysis, if blockchain is merged with other digital technologies, it would bring a revolution in the aerospace sector.