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Maltese Parliament Rejects Claims of Inactivity on Cryptocurrency By Opposition Leader

The leader of Malta’s opposition Adrian Delia has once again received a backlash for allegedly criticizing the pro-cryptocurrency stance...

U.K. Lawmakers Crackdown on Unregulated Crypto Markets

The crypto crackdown continues as law officials realize the unregulated nature of the decentralized marketplace. The U.K. Treasury Committee is now...

International Seaborne Freights Join the Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain technology has been slowly infiltrating the public sector with national cryptocurrencies on the rise and blockchain verified legal apparatuses. Now...

Taiwanese Politician Accepts BTC Pledge

Taipei-based politician Hsiao Hsin-Chen just made history as the first politician to accept a donation in cryptocurrency. An anonymous individual has...

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BlockchainTechnologies.com is the Ultimate Internet Resource for Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies, and Smart Contracts Information.

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