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JPMorgan Chase & Co leaves blockchain consortium R3

NEW YORK JPMorgan Chase & Co has left the mammoth bank blockchain consortium led by New York-based startup R3 CEV, the latest member to depart over the course of the company's fundraising process, R3 confirmed on Thursday. R3, which counts about 80 ...

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Spotify Has Acquired Blockchain Startup Mediachain

Spotify has officially entered the blockchain world with its acquisition of a new startup called Mediachain. The new buy, which was initially announced by the music titan itself, will hopefully help Spotify pay the right people for every track that is ...

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FAQ: What is blockchain and how can it help business?

Blockchain sounds like a way to keep boats anchored, which isn't a bad analogy, considering what the technology purports to do. While some IT experts herald it as a groundbreaking way of creating a distributed, unchangeable record of transactions, others ...
Computer World

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Spotify acquires blockchain startup Mediachain to solve music’s attribution problem

Spotify has acquired the Brooklyn-based blockchain startup Mediachain Labs, whose team will join the company’s office in New York where they will work on developing better technology for connecting artists and other rights holders with the tracks ...

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Dubai Aims to Be a City Built on Blockchain

Dubai has grown from a tiny fishing village to a major trading hub by attracting businesses with near-zero taxes, advanced transportation infrastructure and a secure environment in a tumultuous region. Now it’s planning another transformation to bolster ...
The Wall Street Journal

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Tokenly to launch trial of blockchain-based music service token.FM

Napa Valley, California-based blockchain solutions company Tokenly announced in a press release CoinReport received that it will launch the initial trial of its blockchain-based direct-to-fan music platform, token.FM, in early May. The firm also announced ...

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Five Considerations when Pursuing Patent Rights in the Blockchain Technology Space

A blockchain is a subtype of distributed ledger data structure, in which transactions are grouped into “blocks” that reference each other in cryptographic hashes. Technologies are developing that implement blockchains to solve all sorts of problems ...

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Spotify acquires Mediachain to develop blockchain technology that matches royalties with rightsholders

Spotify has acquired Mediachain, the New York-based startup behind an open source peer-to-peer database and protocol for registering, identifying, and tracking creative works across the internet. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Launched in 2016 ...

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History Revision Attacks On Bitcoin’s Blockchain – Doomsday

Across bitcoin’s network, confirmed transactions are irrevocable once they have been recorded onto the blockchain, provided that they do not get incorporated into a discarded fork branch. Forks often arise off the main blockchain, but are usually ...

Japanese MegaBank Mizuho Builds Blockchain Trade Finance Platform with IBM

Japan’s Mizuho Financial Group, subsidiary bank Mizuho and IBM Japan are jointly building a blockchain platform for trade financing. With the blockchain solution, Mizuho is looking at improving supply chain- and trading operations’ efficiency.
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