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Etheriya, a Blockchain-Based Auction Marketplace about to Disrupt E-Commerce, Launches Its ICO

Online purchases and online marketplaces face huge problems: among them, the last of trust and the huge number of fraudsters taking advantage of people who only want to buy something nice for themselves or for people they love. Get exclusive analysis of ...
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The US Navy Wants to Connect Its 3-D Printers with a Blockchain

The US Navy's innovation arm has revealed plans to trial blockchain's potential to bring added security to its manufacturing systems. In an announcement released last week, the Navy said it will apply the technology to its processes for additive ...
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Two Fintech Blockchain Applications: Smart Insurance and ICOs

Things in the blockchain space continue to develop. There’s a log of excitement when it comes to blockchain applications. The government has been funding blockchain technology projects. Entrepreneurs, crypto-anarchists, and major companies are all ...

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A lot of work going on in blockchain: Barclays UK CEO

Barclays U.K. CEO Ashok Vaswani weighs in on whether blockchain technology is an area of focus for the leading British bank.

Is Blockchain the Major Next Step in the Internet’s Evolution?

In the Fall of 1995, IBM Corp. made the decision to embrace the internet and make it the centerpiece of its strategic directions. As the general manager of the newly formed IBM Internet Division, I spent a lot of time thinking how to best articulate the ...
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Hyperledger Fabric: A Blockchain Project

Address your unique security needs at every stage of the software development life cycle. Brought to you in partnership with Synopsys. Nowadays blockchain technology is creating a lot of headlines, but is very little is written about what blockchain is and ...

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AdLedger, The First Blockchain Consortium Focused on Ad Tech Launches in NYC

New York -- The AdLedger Consortium will hold its inaugural meeting on June 26th, 2017 in New York City. The consortium will be comprised of advertising and publishing executives committed to exploring the use of blockchain technology to bring increased ...
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Tom Fox and Michael Volkov Discussion on Blockchain and Compliance

Tom Fox and I recorded a recent discussion on blockchain technology and compliance. Here is a link to the recording. Tom and I share the belief that blockchain technology could have a significant impact on compliance strategies. Next story Top 5 Mistakes ...

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DECENT Will Launch Its Blockchain-Based Content Platform on June 30

DECENT platform is intended to leverage the blockchain technology to make the online publishing space more cost-effective, transparent and secure. DECENT aims to leverage the blockchain technology to make the online publishing space more cost-effective ...

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World’s Largest Islamic Bank Successfully Completes Ripple Blockchain Trial

Hundreds of banks around the world are keeping an eye on Ripple’s technology. That is only normal, as faster and cheaper transactions are quite beneficial. Saudi Arabia’s largest bank recently completed its first cross-border transfer using Ripple ...