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What DTCC's IBM Blockchain Transition 'Reimagining' Credit Derivatives Signifies

On the heels of the announcement by the U.S. Depository Trust Clearing Corporation’s (DTCC) transitioning a central part of its financial infrastructure onto a blockchain, the premier post-trade market infrastructure for the global financial services ...

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Blockchain’s brilliant approach to cybersecurity

Hackers can shut down entire networks, tamper with data, lure unwary users into cybertraps, steal and spoof identities, and carry out other devious attacks by leveraging centralized repositories and single points of failure. The blockchain’s alternative ...

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Blockchain Wallets Are Coming (Maybe Soon) to a Car Near You

An ethereum wallet for every car? It's no secret cars have become more connected, but a new concept from a trio of big-name institutions is taking today's futuristic ideas further with a new blockchain prototype that envisions how transportation could be ...
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Is Blockchain the Answer to E-voting? Nasdaq Believes So

Annual General Meetings (AGM) tend to be necessary high-cost events with, on average, fairly low shareholder participation. As cross-border investments grow, there is more pressure for greater investor engagement, calling for a secure, cost-effective and ...

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Stop overhyping blockchain

In a Huffington Post blog "Why the Blockchain Still Lacks Mass Understanding" William Mougayar describes the blockchain as "philosophically inclined technology". It's one of his rare instances of understatement. Like most blockchain visionaries, Mougayar ...

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Blockchain can pull trade into the digital age

Blockchain technology could revolutionise trade — making it cheaper, quicker and simpler for businesses to trade internationally. From “letters of credit” to “bills of lading”, merchandise trade today is heavily reliant on paper documents.
Gulf Times

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Blockchain Gets a Special Place in the Fintech Prediction for 2017

A leading tech publication has published its predictions for Fintech industry in 2017. Blockchain technology to emerge as a driving force behind the sector's growth. Read more... The Fintech industry is currently in its prime. The increasing usage of ...

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Blockchain for Journalism: How a Big Funding Idea is Starting Small

Journalism funding is in crisis. As the industry shifts to digital and its meagre click-based ad revenues, something in the model needs to change if quality news sources are to survive. Alternatives are emerging, however. Amidst the rising demand for ...

BBVA Report Cites 7 Regulatory Challenges Facing Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology presents significant opportunities to record financial transactions, identities and various legal operations. However, the technology is new and it therefore must be subjected to various studies, especially in the banking sector ...
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The Internet, Blockchain, and the Evolution of Foundational Innovations

Last year, a panel of global experts convened by the World Economic Forum selected blockchain as one of the Top Ten Emerging Technologies for 2016, based on its potential to fundamentally change the way economies work. But, how transformative will ...
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