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How to make a success out of blockchain

Blockchain is now a business priority for the most senior executives at financial institutions. There is pressure for CEOs to decide how distributed ledger technology (DLT) fits into their business strategy, and those without a clear vision often incur ...

30 Companies Providing Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Solutions

The LTP Team has been following the blockchain-focused ecosystem for quite a while now and have seen very interesting a promising players providing solutions for authentication, blockchain-as-a-service, open-source blockchain, application development ...

Blockchain recruiting startup: "Future of work is now"

Ethlance, a recruiting startup not to be confused with the pre-Upwork entity called Elance, claims that the "Future of work is now" and that is the first "job marketplace for the blockchain." I'm not normally a fan of "first" or "only" technological claims.

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Can Blockchain Make Music Great Again?

Blockchain technology can't write songs or play instruments – at least not yet. But, it might be able to ensure that those who do get the proper credit and compensation, a problem that has always bedeviled this $15bn industry. Since the start of the ...
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New Blockchain Partnership Proposes Solution for Remote Voting

Two Boston-based companies have teamed up to fast-track the implementation of secure, remote voting in elections through the blockchain. After a year exploring the potential of protected voting, Voatz, Inc. and Clear Ballot Group, Inc., have decided to go ...
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Metaverse Identity on the Blockchain

As we begin to live and work in digital spaces, we must design an identity system that is safe, secure, and decentralized like the web. A combination of the blockchain and digital certificates seems like the best design. In the beginning, the web was ...

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World Blockchain Forum Returns to Dubai

Cryptocurrency solutions like Bitcoin and underlying blockchain protocols are growing quite popular in Dubai. The country’s Crown Prince has pledged to have all government documents held on a blockchain protocol by 2020, and is also investing one billion ...

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FinTech to distrupt retail banking by 92% in Nigeria

To the Associate Director and Co-FS Advisory lead at PwC Nigeria, Adedoyin Amosun, although more than half of respondents recognised the importance of blockchain, they are yet to articulate a business response to this trend. Banks and Funds transfer and ...

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Blockchain Tracker: Blockchain Technology’s Impact On Global Transactions

From PayPal to Venmo, Google Wallet, Amazon Payments and more, there are a myriad of ways money is processed during transactions around the world. One of the most trusted and reliable ways may be through bank account transfers. As such, there’s a need to ...

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Sberbank’s Head Predicts Large Scale Implementation of Blockchain in 2.5 Years

The Bitcoin industry in Russia is still uncertain about how the country’s regulatory authorities may react at any time to cryptocurrency usage. But the Russian government agencies seem to have understood the potential of Bitcoin’s underlying blockchain ...