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Blockchain Technology Investments
How To Invest In Blockchain Technology?

Entrepreneurs of all levels can invest in blockchain technology

Searching for how to invest in blockchain technology? You don't have to be a Silicion Valley Venture Capitalist to own a stake in the global blockchain phenomena. Below we explore the various ways entreprenuers of all levels can directly invest in blockchain technologies. From initial investments of a few dollars, to equity stakes worth millions, entreprenuers can begin investing in this technology at all income levels.

Blockchain Technology Investments

Cryptocurrency Investments
Buy, Trade, and Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies can be thought of a new type of digital commodity or digital money. They can act as a fuel for distibuted ledger networks and also be used as mediums of exchange to purchase goods and services. Depending on intent, cryptocurrencies can also be treated as an appreciating long-or-short term investment. Cryptocurrency values have been subject to extreme periods of volatility (in some cases up to 20%±), creating both risk and opportunity. As such, it is a worthwhile effort to perform in-depth due dilligence before making any investments in cryptocurrencies.

How to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Making your initial investment into the world of cryptocurrency can be challenging, however, persitance will pay off. As is true in mostly all forms of investing, there are a myriad of variables to consider when investing in cryptocurrencies. Below, we explore several of the most important factors to consider when investing in cryptocurrency:

Blockchain Cryptocurrencies

Crypto Investment Strategies

Several of the most common investment strategies to directly acquire cryptocurrencies as an investment include:
  • Buy-and-Hold
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging
  • Investment Vehicles
  • Active Trading
  • Passive Automatic Recurring Purchases

Where to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Buy and Trade Cryptocurrencies

Coinbase,  itBit,   BTC-e,  Kraken,   BTCC

Investment Vehicles

Bitcoin Investment Trust (OTCXS:GBTC) is the first publicly quoted bitcoin-backed securities. The BIT enables investors to gain exposure to the price movement of bitcoin without the callenges of buying, storing, and safekeeping bitcoins.
Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT)

Passive Cryptocurrency Investing

Lawnmower is an app for both Apple and Android devices that allows retail investors to invest in "Blockchain Assets". This includes passive automatic recurring purchases and the ability to instantly buy or sell.

Lawnmower Blockchain Investment Platform

Venture Investing
Fund Promising Blockchain Startups

Overall blockchain related venture capital funding just cross over the $1 Billion mark. This method of blockchain investing can have various levels of entry, with initial seed invesments (as little as $5,000), up to Series A investments ($1M+). Venture capitalists can play a more dynamic role, such as providing mentorship and/or providing introductions. If a company is able to drive growth with promising results, a venture capitalists may opt to become a partner in the company, owning equity and joining the company's board.

Blockchain Venture Capital

How to venture invest in blockchain technology?

Blockchain Investment Companies

Digital Currency Group , BLOCK 26 , Blockchain Capital

Blockchain Venture Capital Fund

Bitcoin Capital, Flight VC (Blockchain Syndicate)

Startup Investment Platform


$690 Million

In Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology
2015 YTD Venture Capital

$1.15 Billion

In Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology
All Time Venture Capital

Top 3 Venture Funded Blockchain Technology Companies

Circle Internet Financial Blockchain Company Company: Circle
Funding: $136M
Product: Internet Financial
21 Inc Blockchain Company Company: 21 Inc.
Funding: $121M
Classification: Bitcoin Computer
Coinbase Blockchain Company Company: Coinbase
Funding: $117M
Product: Wallet and Exchange

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Investing in Blockchain Technology today is like investing in the internet in 1994.

Digital Asset Acquisition
Ownership of Blockchain Domain Names

Directly acquiring blockchain related domain names is a very stable and secure method of direct investment into blockchain technology. This method of blockchain investing allows investors to maintain direct control over their investment, while enjoying the benefits of investment appreciation. Investing in blockchain digital assets is likely the most risk-mitigated investment strategy available in the market.

How to invest in digital assets?

Crypto Names

Financial-technology domain names synthesize the two most powerful digital investment vehicles of the coming decade.

Support Decentralized Crowdfunding Platforms

Blockchain-based crowdfunding is similar to traditional crowdfunding, however, collected funds are accounted for and tracked via a blockchain. Blockchain-based crowdfunding allows startups and various causes to raise funds by creating their own cryptocurrencies and in-return, recieve digital tokens as which represent shares of the project, with the anticipation that said shares will benefit from token value appreciation.

Blockchain Crowdfunding Terminology:

Tokens are the instrument used to track and represent contributions. The digital tokens are held by the contributor as proof that a contribution was made.
Crypto-Equity refers to the holding of the previously mentioned token (issued and tracked via a blockchain) as an investment and alternative to a traditional legal equity.

How to invest in blockchain crowdfunding?

Crypto Stocks, Swarm, btcfunding, StartJoin

Invest in Publicly Traded Blockchain Companies

Investing in blockchain-related public companies (blockchain stocks) is no different than investing in stocks in any other industry. While there are startups whose mission is to change this (e.g t0), investing in publicly traded blockchain companies today allows investors to gain a stake (also known as a "share") in a company working on blockchain technology.

Public Blockchain Companies The publicly traded blockchain companies (blockchain stocks) in the distributed ledger industry, have undergone the same scrutiny as publicly traded companies in other industries. A trend with publicly traded blockchain companies is diversification; software development, mining endevours, cryptocurrency holdings.

How to invest in blockchain stocks?

Publicly Traded Blockchain Technology Companies

Blockchain Technology Solutions (BTCS) OTCBQ:BTCS
Digital CC Ltd.ASX:DCC
Global Arena Holding Inc. (GAHC) OTC:GAHC
Coinsilium Group Limited ISDX:COIN
First Bitcoin Capital Corp OTC:BITCF

Investment Vehicles

Bitcoin Investment Trust (OTCXS:GBTC) is the first publicly quoted bitcoin-backed securities. The BIT enables investors to gain exposure to the price movement of bitcoin without the callenges of buying, storing, and safekeeping bitcoins.

Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT)

Blockchain Stock Quotes

Global Arena Holding Inc. (GAHC)

Blockchain Tech. Solutions (BTCS)

First Bitcoin Capital Corp (BITCF)

Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC)

Notice: This information is by no means legally binding investment advice. Investing in any emerging space, and in particular cryptocurrencies, is a highly risky investment proposition. Readers are encouraged to do their own research and understand those risks before committing any capital to such investments.