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Block Explorers
Search the Blockchain Via Transparent Analytics

Block Explorers are like search engines for blockchains.

Public blockchains (distributed ledgers) generate a plethora of data, but how are we to make sense of it all and turn insights into actions? Block Explorers. Block explorers are a web tool that provide detailed information about blocks, addresses, and transaction meta data within a blockchain. As advanced uses of blockchain technologies become more prevelant, use of block explorers will follow suit to track valuable digital assets, smart contracts, and smart devices connected to the Internet-of-Things.

Blockchain Explorers
Block Chain Technology

"Banks, institutions and even governments are looking at blockchain technology as a secure storage and distribution solution."

How do Block Explorers work?

Block explorers act as a participating node in the network. As such, they have access to and store the complete blockchain. Just like all other nodes in the network, the block explorers receive transactions from relaying nodes.
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