Digital Blockchain Technologies (‘DBT’) is set to disrupt the mining and energy industry and revolutionize the way the industry operates.

Digital Blockchain Technologies (‘DBT’) is set to disrupt the natural resources markets which includes mining of metals and the energy industries, revolutionizing the way these industries operate globally. These markets account for trillions of dollars moving globally. DBT intends to
revolutionize the way mining and energy companies conduct business by developing a blockchain enabled platform that enables mining and energy organizations to streamline their operations.

Our platform will leverage the blockchain, as well as other technologies, to connect and optimize products, processes, people, places, and payments across the entire mining and energy resource generation pipeline – from exploration and permits, to extraction, processing and supply.  

Through the deployment of a product platform specialized for the mining and energy industries, along with the provision of industry specific consulting services focused on helping our customers deploy technology and intelligence within their mining and energy businesses globally, we will seek to leverage blockchain technology to change the way our customers compete and win, unlocking investments in analytics, IoT and automation while connecting our customers supply chains with the operations that create them.

Through these connections, we will seek to deliver measurable value to our customers, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of assets, improving site performance and yield, increasing available working capital, globally connecting infrastructure, while also streamlining our resource and energy customer’s supply chains and reducing time to market for commodities and products. What’s more, our technology consultants, engineers, and developers, who specialize in the deployment of new and emerging technology, especially blockchain technology, will also help our customers unlock investments by streamlining IT spend across the mining and resource value chain.

Our platform, as well as the software products and services that we sell, will be secure, scalable, enterprise grade, patent protected, and built to be deployed globally using the cloud. Our architecture will leverage blockchain technology, as well as other related technology, across a number of key areas, some of which include:
Blockchain enabled data storage and movement
Smart contracts to connect and optimize the supply chain
Ethical certifications and disclosures to support and accelerate the permit process
Physical asset tokenization, connectivity, and exchange
Resource extraction, transportation and processing optimization
Environmental sustainability
Contracting and remittances for vendors and employees
Product provenance within the resource value chain
Asset maintenance records
Proof of market and market sales

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DBT additionally specializes in deployment and management (managed services) of technology products, platforms, and suites used by the mining and energy industry globally.

DBT will productize and white label its software products, allowing mining and energy companies globally to use these products to efficiently streamline their operations. These products will also be ready for integration directly into the major cloud platforms and technology products that are in operations today at various mining and energy organizations.
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