Blockchain Technologies

Distributed Ledgers and Blockchain Technology

What are Blockchain Technologies?
How do blockchains work?

A Blockchain is a distributed ledger of unchangable, digitally recorded data. Data of any type can be recorded in a blockchain: financial transactions, titles to real estate, etc. Unlike a traditional database housing the same data, a blockchain does not have to rely on a centralized administrator. Continue

Blockchain Network

Blockchains are Borderless

Blockchains Resist Centralization

Blockchains Store Data

Blockchain Applications
These applications are powered by blockchains

These are the use cases where blockchain technologies can be applied to improve efficiency or unlock capabilities for new technologies.

Trade and settle securities at a fraction of the time and cost.

Permanently record and access real-time property rights.

Self-enforcing contracts based on predefined conditions.

Eliminate invasive identity practices via digital identies. is a free resource to help the world better understand blockchain technologies. We answers questions like "What is blockchain technology?" and "What are blockchain applications?"

Blockchain Companies
Innovative companies building with blockchain technologies

200+ Blockchain Companies ... and counting

With blockchain venture capital funding approaching the $1 Billion mark, invested capital is pointing towards blockchain companies being around for quite a while. The following blockchain technology companies are blazing the trail for global distributed ledger adoption:

Blockchain Technology Companies


Enterprise Blockchain Software


Blockchain Enterprise Tools


Blockchain Infrastructure


Decentralized Ledgers


Decentralized Applications


Blockchain Based Identification


Blockchain Software Stack


Large Scale Immuatble Ledgers


Blockchain Web Services


Sidechains, Open Assets, Smart Contracts


Blockchain Based Securities

Digtial Asset Holdings

Distributed Ledger Financial Services

Blockchain Investments
Discover blockchain technology investment opportunities

Searching for how to invest in blockchain technology? You don't have to be a Silicion Valley VC to own a stake in the global blockchain industry. We explore entry-level opportunities such as purchasing cryptocurrencies directly, to advanced investment methods such as angel investing in blockchain companies.

Blockchain Technology Investments

Cryptocurrencies Buy and Trade Cryptocurrencies

Venture Investing Fund Promising Startups

Digital Assets Ownership of Blockchain Assets

Crowdfunding Decentralized Crowdfunding Platforms

Stocks Publicly Traded Blockchain Companies

“The Blockchain is potentially the most important technology innovation of our lifetime.”

Blockchain Mining
Mining achieve consensus

Blockchain Mining Blockchain mining is the backbone of a secure distributed network. We explore the most popular blockchain (bitcoin), as well as other alternative blockchains (also known as consensus protocols) and new concepts like Embedded Mining.

Blockchain Mining Continued

Blockchain News
Latest blockchain news

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Chain's Adam Ludwin On Who Is Best Poised To Benefit From Blockchain Technology

From the beginning, one of the defining characteristics of Bitcoin has been its decentralized nature. But over the last year or so, as banks and other financial institutions have begun to try to capitalize on the efficiency, reduced costs and security that ...

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Steemit Uses Blockchain to Judge Your Blogs and Pay You for Them

Do you blog? Write articles or essays? Poetry? Journalism? Today there are a plethora of outlets on the internet to get your voice heard, many of which will even pay its freelance writers. Steemit takes the concept of getting paid to write a step further ...

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Alternative Ethereum Blockchain Gains Support as Price Declines

Ethereum Classic went from a protest vehicle to a more serious project this weekend following notable nods of support from major exchanges and community members. That momentum continued today as activity surrounding its new blockchain continued in ...
Coin Desk

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Mark Carney Has Started A Revolution By Embracing Fintech And Blockchain

This post was co-written with Alex Tapscott. In the aftermath of Britain's referendum vote to leave the European Union, Brexit's loudest advocates scurried from public view and the political establishment descended into a caustic battle for control.
The Huffington Post

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Getting started with IBM Blockchain and exploring the wonder of Legos

Let’s unwrap IBM’s offering and explore how your technology team will benefit from this advancement. Think back. Remember the time you experienced your first Lego kit? It wasn’t just a stationary plastic toy, used for construction. These bricks lived ...